Christmas in Motion

This paragraph from [Tim Challies’ recent Merry Christmas post]( captures the twinge of sadness that comes from watching your kids grow up and lose some of that youthful enthusiasm really well.

> I know I’m mostly waiting in vain, though, because I know those days have passed. In previous years the Christmas Eve discussion was, “How early can we get up?” This year it was, “How late can we sleep in?” It’s a funny thing to see your children grow up and to remember the way things used to be. It’s a funny thing to have to begin to create a new normal, to make old, comfortable traditions fit a new, less-comfortable context. I liked the way things were. But I think I like the way things are, as well. At least, I can come to like it.

By Robert

Robert is a Christian, aspiring minimalist, software dev manager and paper airplane mechanic located in North Carolina.