• Tread Lightly
    John Pavlovitz found himself buying bananas the day after his father died. He was going through such a normal part of life, but inside he felt anything but normal. Everyone around you; the people you share the grocery store line with, pass in traffic, sit next to at work, encounter on social media, and see … Read more
  • (no title)
    Christ and a blue heaven.
  • It’s the End of Advent, Merry Christmas
    This year, around the holiday season, I’ve had a shift in my thinking about Christmas and the period of waiting that comes before. In the past, I’ve thought of the season of Advent as a joyous preparatory time for the a celebration that is Christmas. The onslaught of cheerful Christmas songs, that starts just as … Read more
  • We Demand A King
    According to a new Pew Research poll, the number of Republicans who say presidents could operate more effectively if they did not have to worry so much about Congress and the courts has increased 16 percentage points since last year, from 27% to 43%. Among only those classified as conservative Republicans, the number of those … Read more
  • Lord of Scripture
    Pete Buttigieg recently gave a very candid interview to Rolling Stone. In the interview, he opens up about his Christian faith, which can probably best be described as “progressive.” Often, Christians on the more progressive end of the spectrum are thought of as having low biblical fidelity, sometimes even rightfully so. Buttigieg responds to those … Read more
  • Reformation Sunday
    Two years ago, in 2017, was the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. For those of us in the reformed tradition, it was a pretty big deal. This Sunday, we celebrate our annual “Reformation Sunday” in the Presbyterian Church. Internet Monk recently had a repost from the late Michael Spencer, on the Reformation. Spencer studied the … Read more
  • Some Called Her A Prophet
    I have been following the health status of, and praying for, Rachel Held Evans recently, as she lay in a coma induced to keep her brain from constant seizures. Yesterday, Evans passed away, after a fight to keep her alive following an ordeal that started with a reaction to antibiotics. As word of Evans death … Read more
  • The Danger of Using the Bible Instead of Letting It Use You
    One thing that angers me a great deal is the misappropriation of passages from Holy Scripture. Tyler Huckabee writes in Relevent Magazine on the dangers of dividing the Bible up into bite-size chunks appropriate for bumper sticker sloganeering: An unfortunate consequence of littering the Bible with the little demarcating numbers we call “chapter and verse” … Read more
  • Dunbar’s Number and the Church
    Even as members and pastors have changed over the years, one complaint I’ve consistently heard about my church is that there are too many cliques. It’s an easy thing for a church culture to fall into. In fact, it may be impossible to avoid. Research into human relationships has given us insight into the number … Read more