Inspired by Derek Sivers , this page includes a sample of what I’m thinking about and working on right now. Last updated January 25, 2020.

For once, I wanted to wait until I wasn’t sick to post an update to my Now page. Thanks to a second round of antibiotics getting me past a 3-week period of illness, I have successfully achieved my goal. However, the evidence of excessive indulgence in treats over the holidays and the inability to work out for a while can still be found in my (normally extremely chiseled) physique.

As you may have noticed, I switched blogging platforms, once again. I went from Ghost, back to, to WordPress within about a month. Ghost was fantastic, but I ultimately want one home for my posts, long and short, and Ghost requires post titles (which takes it out of the world of microblogging). I also couldn’t find a good theme with a continuous scroll, which really helps when you have posts of varying lengths. I briefly switched back to

For, I had to look into further customizing the theme to make it more what I wanted. The M.b. community is super helpful with those things, but it seemed like it was going to require no small amount of effort. I also looked into setting things up for Open Graph in order to get richer content previews of posts. This post by Manton Reece, from, sketches out the possibility for getting header images into graph objects. However, when I tried poring through the documentation for Hugo, the static blogging engine that underpins, it was clear that the instructions for setting up OG templates presupposed a lot more knowledge than I have about Hugo.

So I found myself back with the most popular blogging platform, WordPress. With WordPress, I was able find a theme that I wanted, with the built-in functionality I needed and a robust API for posting from some excellent apps. I love the concept of M.b., though, and the folks on there are top notch people. will help me maintain the POSSE model on my weblog and be a part of the IndieWeb community.

I’ve also switched to a .blog TLD. This will save me from paying the monthly AWS tax in order to use Route 53 for DNS. This is a personal weblog, anyway, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a .com domain. After reading concerns over the sale of the .org domain, having a domain name that’s supposedly for commercial use doesn’t seem even seem that safe.

Thanks as always for reading. Some of the recent responses to posts, from friends on Twitter and, have been really gratifying. I hope to keep things on here thoughtful and interesting.