Inspired by Derek Sivers , this page includes a sample of what I’m thinking about and working on right now. Last updated April 4, 2020.

My home is my castle. As an INFP, this has always been metaphorically true. Now, it feels like my castle has a mote around it, though. I’m going out only to get groceries, and wearing a mask when I do so. Health authorities are switching their guidance on whether or not non-infected people should be wearing masks, but I never really believed their admonition not to, anyway. If the masks are not effective for prevention, why the ongoing concern about having enough for medical staff?

No one is coming to the house, or at least into it, so our drawbridge remains up most of the time.

I was one of the last people to continue to drive to the office, a week after we were given strong guidance to start working remotely. Our office, which normally has 600+ people, was populated by 10-20 workers on any given day, that last week it was open. I stubbornly kept going in, because we simply weren’t setup for me to work from home. My wife works part-time and had claimed the office. The boys were home from school and dominating our downstairs. We had (and still have) a huge hole in our dining room ceiling and a ginormous dehumidifier making noise enough to fill the whole house. That bit was courtesy of Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse and Emporium. They installed a new washer and dryer and neglected to tighten the hookups from the washer or test anything before they bid us farewell.

Holding it down in a nearly vacant office building.

They wouldn’t let me keep going into the office indefinitely, though. I found myself locked out of the parking garage one Friday, following unceremoniously having my badge deactivated after hours on the preceding Thursday. I had no choice but to make my house into a place from which I could collaborate on making software. After working from my 7-year-old’s desk for about a week, I was able to get my monitors and docking station and setup the office to be ready for business. The downside is that my long-suffering wife now has to work from our boys’ bedroom and they now have a computer in their room (something I vowed would never happen).

We are all adjusting. The toughest part has probably been getting our boys to understand they are not on an indefinite track out. Remote schooling options are coming, but it’s fair to say the county school systems weren’t prepared for this type of situation. It’s difficult to lure adults, not to mention kids, away from the embarrassment of riches that are the entertainment options within our own homes. We have endless streaming of music and movies, and multiple devices on which to play video games. If Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death were to be taken more literally, after this whole pandemic is over, authorities might find houses filled with corpses.