Once you’ve popped that VHS copy of Cocktail out of the VCR and it’s safely in the rewinder, take the time to watch this video from Treatment.

It may be a bit trite at this point to overemphasize the 80’s feel of the disciples of Prefab Sprout, but if the shoe fits, and fits well…

I wrote a couple of months ago that without any new sounds from bands like Roman à Clef and the Ice Choir in years, I have been starved for more good modern sophistipop. Thankfully, Treatment has come to the rescue, with their new full-length, Pond Life. While the above single, Solitary, is a strong introduction to the album, I think I prefer the below track, “Slight Infatuation.”

The sophistipop sound dominates the album. The male vocals with tight harmonies from female backing vocals abound. Warm bass tones with a slight bit of funk anchor many of the songs. Tasteful saxophone makes appearances throughout. There are other influences, as well, though. “Feel It Out” sounds so much like New Edition, you would think Maurice Starr hand-picked the members of Treatment, wrote them a song and loaned them a drum machine.

This is a strong collection of songs. I have a feeling record will make it into my top ten of 2019 and fill a distinctive hole there.