• Affiliations
    Patrick Rhone writes about why he used Amazon for affiliate links and why he no longer does so. He now favors a site called Indiebound, which serves to federate a group of independent bookstores and positions itself as the conscientious consumer alternative to Amazon. In the post, Rhone quotes Dan J on the danger of … Read more
  • This Is The Way
    The Mandolorian Unofficial Wallpaper From Deviantart, a beautifully subtle Mandalorian wallpaper in an assortment of colors. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0. Baby Yoda forever!
  • Engineering Our Art
    Image via Bruce Timothy Mans Music is easier than ever to discover. Surely this is a triumph and yet, it makes me kind of sad when I think about how one doesn't have to search out and find music in traditional ways anymore. Pitchfork and Rolling Stone may still be relevant, but you don't need … Read more
  • Do You Like Me (check yes or no)?
    Next week, Instagram is set to begin hiding like counts on posts in the US, according to this TechCrunch piece. The move is expected to hurt influencers on the platform, as initial tests in other countries showed that likes on posts went down when the counts were not displayed. The influencer economy is supposed to … Read more
  • Chipping Away At Democracy
    There has never been a better time to quit Facebook, after the company recently revealed a policy that formalized the ability of politicians to lie in ads on the platform. Techcrunch writer Josh Costine called the move a disgorgement of responsibility. The web publication has another piece by Costine, calling on Facebook, and other tech … Read more
  • Cause Célèbre
    In a break from my normal habit of avoiding hot takes and only sticking to what is room temperature or below, I wanted to write a bit about the uproar of the week. Specifically, the NBA, that proud bastion of social justice rebellion in recent times, ceding their moral high ground for the irresistible attraction … Read more
  • (no title)
    🎮 Bad North: I recently read speculation that, if the Vikings hadn't hired themselves out as mercenaries and fought against each other, they probably would have taken over Europe. Bad North gives you a chance to (hopefully) live through and save your people from a bloody Viking invasion. Bad North is a charming but brutal … Read more
  • (no title)
    This story on some potential upcoming changes to Twitter gives me hope that the folks steering the product are able to recognize that the platform is badly in need of repair and to consider some fairly big modifications. Removing the public like and retweet counts could potentially mitigate the mob-like atmosphere that pervades the social … Read more
  • Micro.blog vs. Tumblr
    A lot of people these days are worried about the demise of Tumblr. The product has changed hands a few times, and neither its Yahoo! parents or its Verizon parents seem to have paid much attention to it. M.G. Siegler took his concerns to his Medium blog, 500ish Words. In the post, he evaluates the … Read more
  • A Continuing Odyssey
    This past week, Alto’s Odyssey, the sequel to the much lauded iOS game Alto’s Adventure, was released to positive reviews. Alto’s Adventure offers a take on the “endless runner” game that gives a snowboarder a vast natural playground for collecting coins and doing simple tricks. Odessey isn’t a brand new experience, but rather builds upon … Read more